If you have any information or questions on the history of Kyleakin that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. We would also like to hear what you think of the website and if you could make a contribution to it.

Posted by Peter Bromhead on 5 February 2017

As a boy I went to the local school between 1941 and 44, the son of a RN engineer serving on an escort destroyer HMS Lancaster. We boarded with a Mrs Albrecht, a widow. I had a ginger tweed overcoat made by the local tailor who sat cross_legged in his studio. Watching those minelayers and escorts steaming in and out was a sight to behold. I loved my time In Kyleakin and never see bluebell flowers without thinking of the island.
Peter Bromhead -

Posted by Alan Finlay Jackson on 6th November 2014

I am researching old Scottish golf clubs/courses which no longer exist and I would be very grateful for your help. I have been told there was a golf club in Kyleakin in the 1920's but I have been unable to find anything about it. Can you help? I would like to know where it was, when it was formed, and when it closed. However, any information, even if only confirmation that there was one would be very helpful. Please send any information to Alan Jackson at

Posted by Angela de Bruin a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh on 10th July 2014

Angela is looking at the effects of bilingualism on ageing and would like older adults (60 years or older) who would be willing to take part in her project to get in touch. She is mainly looking for English monolinguals (people who have only acquired English and no other language). Importantly, Angela is looking for volunteers that were born and raised on Skye (or any of the other Hebridean islands). Do you know someone that would be willing to take part in this study or would like to receive more information, if so, please contact Angela de Bruin at or 07842781675.

Posted by Linda Desroches, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Thu 17th Jan 2013.

I am trying to locate information about my 3rd great grandparents who operated a pub house at the ferry that ran between the Kyle of Localsh and the Isle of Sky. circa 1850. Their names are Donald/Duncan MacRae and Sarah MacPherson. They had one son born around 1850 named Duncan MacRae. I have not been able to find anything about them at Scotlands People. In my research online, I found that the ferry crossing back in that period was Kyleakin. Is anyone able to provide me with any information about the family or the pubhouse.

Linda Desroches -

Posted by Morag Simmie (was Urquhart) on Sat 3rd Nov 2012.

Just wanted to say loved looking through the photos! Myself and sister and brother are in some of the school photos so it was nice to see all our old friends! Also to see the old ferry pics. My dad was one of the ferrymen who went to Ireland to learn how to work on the new ferrys in the 70s.

Posted by Jack Roberts on Sat 3rd Nov 2012.

I found an early film taken by my father of the ferry and thought you may be interested. I have posted it on youtube under the title Kyle Kyleakin Ferry 1953.

Jack Roberts -

Posted by John Hendy on Mon 29th October 2012.

For most of the twentieth century, the little turntable ferry an ingenious, local invention, able to load at any state of tide and sparing motorists the bother of reversing, was a Highland institution bearing carts and cars, locals and tourists, over the straits and sea lochs of Scotlands western seaboard. By the late 1960s, they had become a victim of their own success and rapidly gave way to much bigger vessels, bypass roads and bridges. Robert Beale and John Hendy tell the tale of these sturdy wee ships, the routes they served and the men who sailed them. If turntable ferries had not the glamour and elan of the great Clyde steamers, they abounded nevertheless in character; they linked isolated communities; they opened the West Highlands to the motorist and bequeathed todays flourishing tourist industry. Profits from the book will be donated to Glenachulish Preservation Trust. DUE TO BE PUBLISHED EASTER 2013

John Hendy -

Posted by Barbara Beresford (Fowey) and Kevin Doe on Mon 17th September 2012.

Barbara and Kevin are brother and sister and are looking for information regarding their mother and (grandparents) - Christina Sophia (born on 13th February 1935) and her younger sister Avril who lived in the area with their parents "Jack" John Henry Lacey and Jessie Lacey. "Jack" John Henry Lacey was in the navy and stationed at Kyle of Lochalsh, from the late 1930's onwards, and any information to help them find out more about their families time in the area would be appreciated. and

Posted by Christine Kirk on Sun 4th March 2012.

I am looking for information regarding an ancestor - Christina McGilvrey (or some variant) born on 19th March 1837 at Kyleakin, Isle of Skye. Registered as Chirsty in Old Parochial Records and baptised on 6th April 1837. Her mother was Mary Kelly from Pabbay, married to Malcolm McGilvrey on 2nd February 1830. Malcolm and family emigrated to Canada in the mid-1800s and I would love to know more about where they came from and why they left.

Christine Kirk, Inverary, Ontario, Canada -

Posted by Robert Morrison on Sat 25th February 2012.

Whilst researching old maps I came across one of Kyleakin dated 1889 and it shows a 'Doctors Rock' (or rocks). Can anyone tell me the reason for this name as I am sure there is a story attached?

Robert -

Posted by Colin MacKinnon, Sackville, NB, Canada on Fri 28th October 2011.

I am doing research into various clan MacKinnon related topics and one of interest is Dunakin Castle at Kyleakin (known locally as Castle Moil). What I am looking for is copies of images of any pre 1900 sketches, paintings or photographs of the castle to try and interpret what it might have originally looked like.

Some of my work has appeared in the Torrin and Elgol Historical Society newsletter (re Dun Ara and Dun Ringill).

Any help would be greatly appreciated - or visit CLAN MACKINNON ATLANTIC -

Posted by Deryk Wylde, Sallachy by Kyle on Fri 28th October2011.

I am able to restore and renovate faded or damaged old photographs, and make photographic copies (gloss or matte, etc) for friends/relatives/etc. purely as a hobby - I long since retired!

I can also make photographs from old colour slides, and, of course, from film negatives. If I can help any members please send me an email and I'll get in touch to discuss -

Posted by Anne Tallach on Tue 27th September 2011.

This website is great - a really fantastic valuable resource. Have really enjoyed looking through all the old photos trying to guess who's who - well done to you all!

Posted by Tim & Christine Moore, Isle of Skye on Sat 11th September 2011.

Website is a great effort by you all and a credit to your enthusiasm. As a member of Portree Local History Society and its former Treasurer (for 11 years) I am glad that you have securely started up KLHS and Christine and I look forward to attending as many of your meetings as we can, weather and other conditions not withstanding!!

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