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1973ish Kyleakin Old School:
Back row, left to right:  Michael Taylor, Jonathan Macrae, Donnie Ross, Hamish Graham, James Urquhart, Neil Robertson
Third row, left to right:  Fiona MacKay, Helen Graham, Elspeth Campbell, Fiona MacDiarmid, Morag MacLeod, Christine Morrison, Margaret Robertson, Ellen Robertson and Janette Ross
Second row left to right:  Ann Ross, Michelle Branson, Jacqualine (Jackie) Cameron, Christine Reid, Heather Campbell, Helen MacIntosh, Wendy Cornish, Catriona MacAskill, Maureen Robertson and Margaret Taylor
Front row sitting left to right:  Angus MacLennan, Donald MacLennan, Norman Ross, Andrew Webley, Ronald Reid, Cameron Reid, Angus Macrae, Evander Macrae and Roderick Macrae
1967 ish Kyleakin Old Primary School:
Left to right:  Donalda Nicolson, Margaret Robertson, Donnie Ross, William MacKinnon, Morag MacLeod, John Macrae, Neil MacInnes, Greta MacLeod, Marie MacInnes, Neil Taylor, Christine Morrison, David Taylor, Margaret MacKay, Ronald Reid, John Reid, Michael Taylor
Standing to the right of the cabinet , Roderick Robertson, Peter Robertson, Charles Reid, Rory MacLeod, Alec MacLeod, Ian MacKinnon, Robin Graham, in front of Roderick - Jonathan Macrae, Hamish Graham, Morag Urquhart, Debra MacLeod (sitting), Barbara Macrae, Janette Ross (sitting far right)
Sitting from left to right:  Sheila Urquhart, Ellen Robertson, Sandra Macrae, Kathleen MacLean, Karen MacLeod
1980 - Old School, Kyleakin:
Back row left to right:  Teacher - Margaret MacLeod (Kyle), Zoe Linington, Hector MacInnes, Angus MacInnes, Alison MacInnes
Middle row:  Lorraine MacPherson, Melissa MacDougall, Nicola Clouston, Carol Ann Rose and Pat Pearson
Front row:  Ruth MacAskill, Michael MacLean and Bruce Wotherspoon
Circa 1980 - Old Kyleakin Primary School:
Back row: Teachers  Alison Beaton and Margaret MacLeod (Kyle), Alistair Fry, Paul Cornish, Grant Wilson, Donald MacLeod, Campbell Macrae, Malcolm Reid, Martin Macrae and teacher - Margaret Gray
Next row: Norman Robertson, Finlay Morrison, Angela Macrae, Mairi MacAskill, Susan MacNaught, Donald MacLennan, Marie MacIntosh, Debra Fry, Christine MacAskill, Annette Chiffers, Peter Macrae, Anne MacKenzie, Susan Cornish, Eileen Mackintosh and Caroline MacPherson
Next row:  John Sikorski, Mairi Reid, Kevin MacLean, Angus MacInnes, Carol Ann Rose, Maureen MacPherson, Melissa MacDougall, Zoe Linington, Ruth MacAskill, John Pearson, Neil Morrison, Michael MacLean, Pat Pearson and Hector MacInnes
Frint row:  Colleen Branson, Bruce Wotherspoon, Lesley Branson, Ewen Campbell, David MacLennan, Allan Grant, Louise Wotherspoon, Neilian MacKenzie, Nicola Clouston and Alison MacInnes
Spring 1982, Moving to the new Kyleakin Primary School in Achmore Road which opened in March 1983.
Circa mid 1960's - Broadford School
1970 - Children attending the Skye Mod. 
Back - left to right:  David Taylor, Donalda Nicolson, Morag Urquhart, Robin Graham, John Reid, Roderick Robertson & Iain MacKinnon
Front - left to right:  Sandra Macrae, Margaret MacKay, Mairi MacInnes, Greta MacLeod & Peter Robertson
Portree Senior Secondary School - Class 3 - 8th Jan 1932
Back row: Donald Matheson, John MacLeod, Alex MacQueen, Archie Matheson, Roddy MacKenzie, John Murchison, Ian MacLean
Middle row: Isobel Shaw, Mary MacKenzie, Netta Milne, Mary Soutar, Ina MacKinnon, Cathie MacLean, Jessie MacLeod, Lexie Campbell, Effie Macinnes, Agnes Cameron
Front row: Alex Macleod, Calum MacLean, Donald MacLean, Donald Nicolson.
Kyleakin Public School Choir and their conductor Miss Flora Reid at the Skye Provincial Mod - circa 1956
Back row: William Macrae, Marie Macpherson, Ann Graham, Ann Nicolson, William Paterson
Middle row: Ian Sikorski, Irena Sikorski, Roddy Morrison, Neil Graham, Jessie Ann Maclaine
Front row: Carole Brown, Ruth Soper, Janette Macpherson, Caroline Soper, Chrissie Graham, Margaret Macrae.
Kyleakin Public School 1925 - Big Room - Headmaster Mr MacIver
Back row: Uisdean Nicolson, Rory MacRae, Billy Finlayson, Norman Finlayson, Evander MacRae, Neil Robertson, Donald Reid
Middle row: Janet MacRae, Kate Finlayson, Bessie Leitch, Flo Reid
Front row: Angus MacPherson, Catherine (Tats) Finlayson, Christine Robertson, Isa Reid, Willie MacDonald.
Kyleakin Public School - circa 1930 - Teacher ?
Back row: ?, ?, ?, Murdo John Nicolson, Lachie John Macdonald, ?, ?
Middle row: ?, ?, Joey Reid, Mary Ann Robertson, Mairi Maciver, Angus Macpherson, Norrie Maciver
Front row: Isa Reid, ?, ?, Nina Maciver.
Kyleakin Public School 1922 - Big Room - Headmaster JD Gunn
Back row: Annie Leitch, Jim Reid, Alick (Dal) Reid, Archie MacDonald, Alistair Finlayson, Neil MacPherson, Julia Nicolson
Middle row: Johan Tuach, Catriona MacDonald, Kate Finlayson, Ina MacDonald, Barbara MacRae, Morag Robertson, Kay Reid, Belle Finlayson
Front row: Alick Phimister, John MacLaine, Roddy MacKenzie, Murdo Nicolson, Donald MacPherson, Kenny Tuach, Alister MacRae.
Spring 1982, Moving to the new Kyleakin Primary School in Achmore Road which opened in March 1983.
Kyleakin Public School 1930 - Headmaster Mr MacIver
Back row: Jocky Reid, Sandy Finlayson [Priffy], John Reid, Donald John MacRae, Murdo John Nicolson [Nixie], Calum Graham [Paddy], Christopher MacRae (Struan Cottage), Lachie John MacDonald [Terry or Largy]
Middle row: Norrie MacIver, Mairi MacIver, Joey Reid, Isa Reid, Helen MacKenzie [Eilidh Beag], Mary Ann Robertson, Catherine Finlayson [Tats], Ena Graham, Catriona Finlayson [Tana], Katie MacRae [Katach], Nina MacIver, Marion Robertson, Cathy Robertson
Front row:  Donald John Finlayson, Sandy Finlayson [Red Sandy], John MacRae [Johnny K or Dago].
Kyleakin Public School 1937 - Headmaster Mr MacIver
Back row: Willie John MacRae, Ian Robertson, Desmond Grigor, Harry Plackett, Donald John Finlayson [Heepy], Wilfred Weir, Neillie MacColl,  Willie Wood, Alan Macrae
Middle row: Margaret ?, Cathy ? (Dinkies), Mairi MacIver, Marion Robertson, Pearl Plackett,  Morvern Grigor, Hazel Grigor
Front row: Calum MacRae, Donald Dunbar, John MacLean (Jacko), Neil Robertson [Neilac], Domhnull MacIver, Richard Robertson, Alan MacIver.
Kyleakin Public School - circa 1954 - Wee Room
Back row: John Morrison, Alistair Branson, Neil Graham, Ian Sikorski
Second row: Neil Grant, Nancy Morrison, Jessie Ann Maclaine, Joyce Maclean, Martha Macintosh, Margaret Macrae, Angus Graham
Third row: Kate Ann Reid, Caroline Soper, Janette Macpherson, Margaret Mackinnon, Ann Robertson, Carole Brown, Ruth Soper, Chrissie Graham
Front row: Robert Maclaine, Alistair Finlayson, Colin Branson, Roderick Maclean, John Paterson.
Kyleakin Primary School - Big Room - circa 1954
Back row: David Elder, Alan Macinnes, William Paterson, Roddy Morrison
Middle row: Donald Robertson, Ian Macrae, Pamela Smith, Chrissie Morrison, William Macrae
Front row: Marie Macpherson, Irena Sikorski, Ann Grant, Margaret Maclaine, Ann Nicolson, Ann Graham.
Kyleakin Public School - Big Room - 1953 - Coronation year
Back row: Donald Robertson, John Macrae, Anna Belle Robertson, Flora Maclean, Pamela Smith, Donald John Maclaine, Hector Grant
Middle row: Marie Macpherson, Ann Grant, Freda Short, Katherine Barrie, Margaret Maclaine, Joan Macpherson
Front row: Ian Macrae, James Graham.
Kyleakin Primary School - circa  1973 - with Mod trophies
Back row: Fiona Macdiarmid, Elspeth Campbell, Flo Reid, James Urquhart
Front row: Peter Macrae, Angus Macrae, Helen Graham, Neil Robertson.
Kyleakin Public  School - Wee Room - circa 1948 - Teacher Johan Montgomery
Back row: Mary Ross, Donald John Maclaine, Mary Ellen Macintosh, Anna Belle Robertson
Middle row: Pamela Smith, Joan Macpherson, Ian Macrae, Ishbel Henderson
Front row: Hector Grant, Bruce Dargavel, John Macrae.
Kyleakin Public School - Wee Room - 1953 - Coronation year
Back row: Neil Graham, William Paterson, Joyce Maclean, Ann Graham, Ann Nicolson, David Elder, William Macrae
Middle row: Janette Macpherson, Margaret Macrae, Irena Sikorski, Ann Mitchell, Jessie Ann Maclaine, Carole Brown, Ruth Soper
Front row: Ian Sikorski, Neil Grant, John Morrison (Strathallan), Roderick Maclean.
Kyleakin Public School 1950 - Headmaster Malcolm Gillies - Teacher Johan Montgomery
Back row: Howard Grigor, Harvey Grigor, Jimmy Urquhart, Lachie Robertson, Billy MacKay, Leslie MacColl, Donald John Maclaine, Hilton Grigor
Second row: Bruce Dargavel, Hector Grant, Stanley Robertson, John Ross, John MacRae, Ian MacRae, Donald Robertson
Third row: William MacRae, Theresa Donnachie, Pamela Smith, Mary Ellen MacIntosh, Nancy Iley, Mary Ross, Patricia Lang, Anna Belle Robertson, Katherine Barrie, Norman Fraser
Front row: Ann Graham, Joan MacPherson, Mary MacPherson, Margaret MacLaine, Ann Grant, Marie MacPherson.
Schoolgirls on Corran Kyleakin circa 1955
Chrissie Morrison, Marie MacPherson, Ann Grant, Ann Graham, Ann Nicolson.
Kyleakin Primary Formal Opening Program - 1983.
Kyleakin Primary Formal Order of Ceremony - 1983.
Kyleakin Public School - Prizewinners - circa 1952
Back row: Donald John Maclaine, John Macrae, Mary Ross
Second row: Anna Belle Robertson, Mary Macpherson, Pamela Smith
Third row: Ian Macrae, Margaret Maclaine, Richard Hutchison, Joan Macpherson, Ann Nicolson
Front row: Jessie Ann Maclaine, William Paterson, Neil Graham, Roderick Maclean.
Kyleakin School Concert programme May 18th 1945.
Kyleakin Public School 1950
Back row: Jimmy Urquhart,  Billy MacKay,  Lachie Robertson,  Leslie MacColl,  John Ross,  Harvey Grigor
Middle row: Hilton Grigor,  Nancy Iley,  Mary Ross,  Mary Ellen MacIntosh,  Pamela Smith
Front row: Katherine Barrie,  Anna Belle Robertson,  Joan MacPherson,  Mary MacPherson.
Kyleakin Public School 1950
Back row: Jimmy Urquhart,  Billy MacKay,  Lachie Robertson,  Leslie MacColl
Front row: Stanley Robertson,  Hilton Grigor,  Harvey Grigor,  Howard Grigor,  Hector Grant.
Kyleakin Public School Choir at Portree Mod 1948
Back row: Leslie MacColl (hair only), Lachie Robertson, Jimmy Urquhart, Stanley Robertson, Hilton Grigor, Billy MacKay, 
Harvey Grigor, Howard Grigor, John Ross
Front row: Mary Ellen MacIntosh, Mary Ross, Katherine Barrie, Joan MacPherson, Mary MacPherson, Pamela Smith, 
Anna Belle Robertson, Nancy Iley.
Kyleakin Primary School 1984
Back row: Forbes Mitchell (Headmaster), Iain MacIntosh, Gordon MacDonald, John Pearson, Angus MacInnes, Ewen Campbell, David MacLennan, Joseph Maguire, Alan Grant, 
Derek MacDonald, Steven Robertson, Donald Gillies, Alison Beaton (Teacher)
Second row: Margaret MacLeod (Teacher), John Sikorski, Mairi Reid, Pat Pearson, Zoe Linington, Neilian MacKenzie, Hazel Allan, Nicola Clouston, Alison MacInnes, Catriona Mackinnon, 
Lesley Branson, Colleen Branson, Neil Morrison, Ann Oliphant (Teacher), Morag Sinclair (Teacher)
Middle row: Gavin Morrison, Michael MacLean, Gordon MacInnes, Hector MacInnes, Margaret Ferris, Carol Ann Rose, Melissa MacDougall, Nicola Neild, Hugh Ferris, Ruth MacAskill, 
Heather Philp, Shaw Wilson, Hamish Grant, Craig Graham
Fourth row: Pauline MacLean, Jenny Strachan, Iona Linington, Jennifer Robertson, Lorraine MacPherson, Natalie Steele, Lucy Gough, Claire Robertson, Fiona MacKinnon
Front row: John Nisbett, Harry Fry, George Branson, George Clouston, Clark Rose, Ruaraidh MacDougall, Dale Robertson, Keith MacKenzie, Michael Taylor.
Kyleakin Primary School c1993
Back row: Mairi MacLean (Teacher), Alison Munday (Teacher), Graham Nisbett, Janette Sheedy, Hannah Philips, Dawn MacNiven, Sandy MacPherson, Andrea Sheedy, Paul MacLeod,
Amy MacPherson, Marie Ann MacKinnon, Eleanor Murray, Neil Robertson, Lorna Taylor, Rae MacColl (Headmistress)
Middle row: Emma Taylor, Paul Murray, Darren Wainwright, Neil MacLeod, Charlotte Addison, John Lawrence Sheedy, Claire Robertson, Heather MacKinnon, Tracey MacLeod, David MacIntosh, Calum Nisbett, Rhona Morrison, Jenna Reid, Andrew Vickers, Ruari MacKinnon, Ashley Neild
Front row: Neil John Campbell, Alistair MacKinnon, Ross Finlayson, Karen Reid, Linda Murray, Isobel MacPherson, Jamie MacKinnon, Scott Graham, Donnie MacRae, Laura Neild, Alistair Nisbett.
Broadford Junior Secondary School – Circa 1966
Back row: John MacSween (Headmaster), Norrie Robertson(S), Ian MacLean, Duncan MacDonald (W), Angus Morrison, Donald Neil MacInnes (T), Neil ? (Bonkers) (S), Alistair MacIntyre (Breadalbane), John Robertson,  Billy Fairfowl (S), Donald John MacInnes (S), Neil MacLure (S), Charlie MacKinnon (Brd), John Angus MacLeod, Hamish Fraser (B), John MacKinnon (Teacher)
Middle Row: Peter MacPherson (S), Ian Charles MacKinnon (Brd), Calum MacLeod (B), Alan Fraser (Brd), Elizabeth MacKinnon (E), Joan MacPherson (S), Donna MacKinnon (H), Isobel Nicolson, Euphemia Robertson (Brd), Wilma Anderson (B), Catriona MacInnes (Brd), Norman MacInnes (S), Archie MacPherson (S)
Front row: Mrs MacLean (Teacher), Elizabeth Graham, Mary Ann Lamont (Brd), Ann Macrae (Brd), Margaret Anderson (B), Morag Branson, Catherine Macrae (Brd), Hannah Smith (Brd), Kathleen MacPherson (B), Catriona MacKinnon, Kate MacKinnon (L), Grace Brown (S), Kennac MacKinnon, (Brd), Isobel Kennedy (S), Rena Robertson, Donald John Morrison
Key: S = Sleat, W = Waterloo, T = Torrin, Brd = Broadford, B = Breakish, E = Elgol, H = Heaste, L = Luib, remainder all Kyleakin.